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     Smart Choice

  • Why is Smart Screen the Very Best Cover Available?

    Made 100% out of Heavy Duty Aluminum

    100% Heavy Duty Aluminum means it is not going to rust, the weather will not impact its performance and its durability is without question

    Front and Rear Fastening

    This has such a big impact on just how durable these and the whole eavestrough system is once installed. You end up with a system that manages the water as it should and is stronger than it ever was.

    Raised and Rounded Front Lip

    The front lip really manages the water very well, so that water goes where it should. It also ensures that any leaves or debris dont get caught up on the edge and begin to build up.

    Manufactured in Canada

    In todays world so much of what we purchase comes from overseas. We felt even stronger about Smart Screen when we discovered it homemade right here in Canada. Not only it is the best product, but its made in the best Country.

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    We are pretty sure he knows a thing or two about which products are good for our homes and which aren't. What he is explaining is exactly what we have seen on every job we have been on. The system is fortified, the water is managed, and the leaves and debris are kept out. It is so simple yet so smart.


    Now thats not to say we didn't look at any others. We looked at a whole lot of different kinds. Eavestrough covers seem to come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some come in rolls. Some use little clips to attach to the eavestrough. Some use a rubber seal to give the idea of them being water tight. Some just simply sit right inside the gutter. We seem to have to remove a lot these different types when we are on our jobs. Sometimes it is because they are helping to gather up the leaves and debris, or they are just letting too much into the eavestrough, or it is because they are just hanging off the roof. We didn't want to be installing a product just because it had a slightly lower price point. We wanted something that would get the job done. There were others that looked pretty good in that respect but the price point and the high pressure sales approach didn't fit well with what we were trying to do, that being help people. No, we wanted a product that we would be able to put on our homes. We found that with Smart Screen, the very best eavestrough cover in the market today.


    Smart Screen is manufactured right here in Canada, uses Heavy Duty Aluminum and is guaranteed to stand the test of time. On every job we see the same thing. The front and rear fastening system we employ does more than just keep the covers on and the leaves and dirt out. It actually fortifies the existing eavestrough. That same eavestrough that we just finished tightening and securing becomes stronger and more secure than it even was brand new. This extends its lifespan considerably and saves you a whole lot of money, not to mention time as you don't have to pull out the old ladder and clean them out this year. Those are just a few of the reasons our calendar fills up quickly and also why we have not received even one call back from any installations to date. 100% Customer Satisfaction is what we expect and because we install the right product the right way, 100% is what we have.