• Who we are


    What started out as an idea to use our spare time to try to help some people in a retirement community in Southern Ontario quickly snowballed. Our calendar filled up with appointments as word spread fast that this father and son in law duo were installing eavestrough covers at a very reasonable rate and that we were willing to do some of the little extras if it would help people. We also wanted to ensure that people in the community were being treated with the respect they deserved as we had heard stories of some bad advice and inappropriate assessments. Our first 'customer', though we never did try to collect anything from her, had been quoted $5000 for a roof replacement she was told she needed after calling a contractor when she discovered a leak. We took a look for her and found that the roof was in decent shape but there was one small area that could use a little help. It took 15 - 20 minutes and the total cost of materials needed was $12. She hasn't had a problem since.


    Originally from P.E.I., Brian has over 40 years experience in general contracting and coming from a large east coast family he understands the importance of community and helping when you can. There isn't much he can't fix or build when it comes to construction as he has been working with his hands all his life. Paul has over 17 years experience working in the roofing industry so he understands hard work and how to keep things safe while working up high. Paul started as an installer and then spent years working on the vendor/distribution side of things so his roofing training is unique and very broad. Between the two of us there isn't much we can't repair, and repair properly. Our values are what started this. Our expertise and work ethic is what has fueled it to grow. What you can expect when dealing with us is a company that will treat you with the respect you deserve, will be honest, open and more than fair. Thats exactly what Gutters and Roofs is and has become known to be.


    So if you have been thinking about putting some covers on your eavestrough, or you have been told you need to replace something you were hoping you didn't need to, or you've gotten a quote and you could use a second opinion, give us a call. Guaranteed we will do our best to help you in any way we can.


    Our approach to installing the covers is simple and will save you time and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of replacing your eavestrough. And thats not all. While we are there we will take a good close look at your roof to make sure everything is all sealed up and where it is supposed to be. Both verbal or written reports are available along with any pictures we take so that you can have peace of mind knowing there won't be any surprises coming from your roof this year.


    At some point our world seems to have become a disposable world. Something breaks and we go get a new one. Someting doesn't look quite right and we go get something we think does. Meanwhile our garbage dumps overfill and our recycling centres aren't able to keep up. We see companies, big companies, telling consumers their roof, their siding, the insulation, the eavestrough, all need to be replaced when a lot of times that is not the case. These sales tactics are used so they can create work and raise the total amount they will invoice as high as possible. Don't fall for it. Now sometimes a replacement is needed and sometimes as home owners we want something new. That is different. Its when we are not expecting or planning to replace and somebody tells us otherwise that we should beware and get a second opinion. Call Gutters and Roofs and let us give you an honest second opinion.


    We start every assessment assuming we will be covering your existing eavestrough. We won't sacrifice the integrity of the system but we won't suggest you replace anything that doesn't need to be replaced. We explain your options. Not just the one that would be best for the company. We explain the various costs associated with your options and then we give you our reccomendations. Not to persuade you, but so you are able to make an informed decision. No pressure. No calling the manager to see if you qualify for 'the deal'. No surprises. No nonsense. Just honest and open communication. The way it should be.